A company serving the Land Surveying industry

We are a company providing the Australian Land Surveying industry with software, tools, advice and processing for the translation of survey plans into and out of ePlan format. Based in Melbourne we work with survey plans from all state jurisdictions producing ePlan profiles that meet each state governments' respective requirements. We work with raw survey data held in a broad range of formats, for instance AutoCAD or CivilCAD formats, and from these formats output ePlan data. Our staff are experienced field surveyors licensed in multiple jurisdictions, engineers and IT/GIS professionals.

Our staff are practising licensed and fully qualified land surveyors, engineers and IT/GIS professionals with broad experience in software development and survey data handling and processing. We employ the modern software technology and adhere to quality assured procedures enabling us to offer our clients fast and reliable service.


  • work on a fee-for-service basis translating individual survey plans and associated documentation to ePLan format

  • help individual survey companies build in-house ePlan capability

  • off-the-shelf software (Epsalon) for translating survey data into ePlan format